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Starting your own business

Starting your own business is a big decision with a lot of complex moving parts. But do not let that scare you off! A startup is a lot of work, but it can be one of your life's most rewarding and profitable decisions. Without further ado, here are the first five steps to creating your own business in our two-part series on business formation!

Conduct Market Research

The first step to creating your own business is to conduct some market research. This will clarify whether your idea for a business is in demand as well as provide insight into who you are catering to. Use knowledge of the businesses and consumers in your area to narrow down your idea and strategize for future business success!

Create a Business Plan

Write up a business plan detailing your business structure as well as how you want to run and grow your business. This plan acts as a roadmap that will guide you on your way. It can also convince potential investors or working partners why your idea is worthwhile! This business plan is the foundation of your business and one of the most important steps you will take.

Finance your Business

After creating your business plan, you should have an estimate of how much it will cost to fund your startup. There are many ways to raise capital for your business if you lack the funds to begin initially. You can raise or borrow the funds -- loans, crowdfunding, and venture capital from investors are just a few ways to obtain money and create your business.

Choose your Business Location

Location is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your business. Where you set up determines taxes, legal requirements, and revenue. Thanks to the Internet, you can decide between having a physical location, an online one, or a mixture of both. Choosing a location helps you focus on the many other aspects of your business!

Choose a Business Structure

The structure your business takes is important for multiple reasons! It affects how you register your business, how much you pay in taxes, personal liability, and more. There are a few structures to choose from, each with its own pros and cons to suit you and your startup. Make sure you research them and pick the best fit for your business!

With that, there are the first five steps to starting your own business. You are well on your way to creating a successful and fulfilling startup now that you have most of the nitty-gritty under your belt. While these steps are simple, each one is important for future business success! Stay tuned for the next post detailing the final five steps you need to form your business.

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